Jill oat

a dumb frontend for just getting some got damned songs

Updated 10 months ago


Updated 2 years ago

A very, very jank solution to types in Isaac modding

Updated 11 months ago

Simple mod that allows you to view the F3 info disabled by the reducedDebugInfo gamerule (coords, light level, etc.)

Updated 1 year ago

Disables certain "harmful" mobgriefs instead of all of them, i.e. creepers exploding rather than villagers breeding.

Updated 8 months ago

A lil' Svelte app to maintain a modfile collection and display it!

Updated 1 year ago

a wordle clone in Haskell

Updated 10 months ago

Front-end for chartmaker.oat.zone

Updated 1 year ago

backend of chartmaker.oat.zone

Updated 1 year ago

Hybrid documentation-blog software, built with SvelteKit

Updated 1 year ago

Reverse-engineered information about the Essential Minecraft mod

Updated 9 months ago

(mirrored archive) a geometry dash private server written in typescript using mongodb

Updated 3 years ago

A Love2D-like NotITG game development template that'll make you feel like you're not ever dealing with Stepmania jank at all.

Updated 1 week ago

The core of the Uranium Template

Updated 1 week ago

Fabric mod that brings back the Super Secret Settings from 1.7-1.8

Updated 4 months ago