Organization that holds server-related source code, alongside communally worked on software of firepit.

dark-firepit host dotfiles, based on Nix Flakes. Shared across a couple of other hosts.

Updated 2 days ago

firepit's private discord bot managing pronouns, colors, and miscellaneous fun stuff

Updated 3 weeks ago

glitch-soc fork with custom customization features

Updated 4 weeks ago

the Official firepit GD texture pack

Updated 4 months ago

dark-firepit's website https://dark-firepit.cloud/

Updated 5 months ago

dark-firepit 1.19.2 Packwiz Minecraft modpack

Updated 8 months ago

Minimal fork of https://github.com/Twxtter/Twxtter-main meant for embedding alongside Nitter

Updated 10 months ago

Collection of Gitea custom themes, used in git.oat.zone

Updated 11 months ago