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This is the development-oriented README. If you're looking to learn how to install and use the template, see MANUAL.MD.

Uranium Template

Uranium Template is a Love2D-inspired NotITG game development template, focusing on keeping things as Lua-pure as possible with enough abstractions to make you feel like you're not dealing with Stepmania jank at all.

But you probably already knew that; how do you develop this darn thing?


Installation follows the same steps as the manual installation - extract as a modfile, run as a modfile.


During distribution, there are a couple of files that should be left out:

  • This very - keeping it will be a little confusing, I think!
  • The docs/ directory - it's here solely for the logo, and is already included in the template itself.
  • The at the root of the template - it doesn't serve much purpose outside of a repository.

If you're on Linux or have MSYS2/WSL/similar installed, you can use the distribution script.


Everything related to the core functionality - loading actors, callbacks - goes in template/main.xml. It's not the most convinient, but I want to eventually move this out to its own Lua file.

Everything related to the standard library should go into template/stdlib/ - all files there are required by the user, so be mindful of filenames