Jill oat

Simple mod that allows you to view the F3 info disabled by the reducedDebugInfo gamerule (coords, light level, etc.)

Updated 2022-02-28 03:14:29 +01:00

Fabric mod that brings back the Super Secret Settings from 1.7-1.8

Updated 2023-08-29 03:19:33 +02:00

A mod that replaces Minecraft's title screen with one that highly resembles GMod's title screen style

Updated 2023-08-29 13:13:31 +02:00

Disables certain "harmful" mobgriefs instead of all of them, i.e. creepers exploding rather than villagers breeding.

Updated 2022-10-26 22:41:45 +02:00

jmusicbot fork with some of the changes ever

Updated 2023-07-01 13:18:21 +02:00