dark-firepit's website https://dark-firepit.cloud/

Updated 2 months ago

(mirrored archive) a geometry dash private server written in typescript using mongodb

Updated 3 years ago

Minimal fork of https://github.com/Twxtter/Twxtter-main meant for embedding alongside Nitter

Updated 8 months ago

A Love2D-like NotITG game development template that'll make you feel like you're not ever dealing with Stepmania jank at all.

Updated 3 months ago

Simple mod that allows you to view the F3 info disabled by the reducedDebugInfo gamerule (coords, light level, etc.)

Updated 1 year ago

a dumb frontend for just getting some got damned songs

Updated 7 months ago

Collection of Gitea custom themes, used in git.oat.zone

Updated 8 months ago

firepit's private discord bot managing pronouns, colors, and miscellaneous fun stuff

Updated 2 days ago

A lil' Svelte app to maintain a modfile collection and display it!

Updated 12 months ago

A very, very jank solution to types in Isaac modding

Updated 8 months ago

backend of chartmaker.oat.zone

Updated 1 year ago

Front-end for chartmaker.oat.zone

Updated 12 months ago

Hybrid documentation-blog software, built with SvelteKit

Updated 11 months ago

Reverse-engineered information about the Essential Minecraft mod

Updated 7 months ago

dark-firepit 1.19.2 Packwiz Minecraft modpack

Updated 6 months ago

a wordle clone in Haskell

Updated 8 months ago

A mod that replaces Minecraft's title screen with one that highly resembles GMod's title screen style

Updated 4 months ago

Disables certain "harmful" mobgriefs instead of all of them, i.e. creepers exploding rather than villagers breeding.

Updated 5 months ago

640x480 image that you can draw by sending a request (a bad idea)

Updated 1 year ago


Updated 1 year ago